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Here you will find additional information and posts I havw not included on this website (in alphabetical order for easy reference.

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Ask and Receive method

Banana peel - uses
Brain and Biofeedback -
Video Use body to change brain
Brains connected by Magnetite - from Gaia
Brain cancer how treated in 3yr old- blog from Chris beat Cancer

Christie Marie Sheldon
Video - Questions are important
Convergence Healing by Peter Bedard - guest at Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. 

Detox Tips
 Lama - Video on Religion
Dave Asprey explains Ketones etc. - from Tony Robbins website

EFT Video with Gary Craig (founder) (E+D)
motions in the body (illustrations) - from website Dr. Mercola
Emotions shape reality - by Dieter Broers

Foods that inhibit blood vessel production in tumors (angiogenesis)
Film excerpt from 1981 (how people are) - posted by Anonymous
Frequencies- Russians change DNA
FTC Guardian - Legal aspects for anyone selling or dealing with USA

Grabovoi - Healing with the vibration of number sequences
Greg Braden -
Video on the Unified field

Halo - new health modality - presented by Dr. Alex Loyd (Healing Code)
Heart IQ
- Christian Pankhurst Relationship Infos

- Swiss Technology, convert electrosmog into vitalising bioenergy with a chip
Illustrated Signposts - self published book, Intro-video

Joe Dispenza (Dr) -
Video, changing thought patterns from negative to positive
                             Blog on Awareness and being present
Jonathan Aviv (Dr) -
Avoid Acid Reflux (what to eat)
Jin Shin Jyutsu
 (Self healing method) (Main Central for yourself - demo on YouTube)

symbols - to help the body heal
Karen Curry Parker Video - 2016 from Human Design Perspective (also see Healing by Human Design
                             fbook page)
                             Quantum World (what's on the planet now)
                             Quantum Conversations
                             Soul Purpose 
Kelly Brogan (Dr.) - e.g. Depression, drug free treatment / Tapering medication

™ Information
Lentzloc treatment for cancer

Malcolm Southwood
 (healer) Video (E+D)
Massage - key points - video
Medical Medium (Anthony William) - Healing path
Mudras (video)

Nutrition and the body - Ed Edmeades

Oprah Winfrey 
Video: No such thing as failure
Oxygen giving plants

(Dr.) Video Infos
Reporter tells the truth (video E+D)

Sacred Geometry video - David Wilcock
Vibroswing - Introduction Video
Sound - Video on the 6 powers of sound
Sri Vishwanath - Bhagavadgita University - Excerpt on meditation
and the Brain

Teal Swan
Trans-Fats interview with Dr. Kumerow - from Website Dr. Mercola
Tumeric - various uses

Vaccines (truth about) by Ty Bolllinger
Vagus nerve stimulation
and Minerals

has memory - Video

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Some themes as above, in addition:
Human Design
Mut zu Neuen Wegen (D)