Short video introduction about smovey:

smovey is an ingenious, simple, portable swinging ring system, that's easy and fun to use,

and can be used by practically all age groups. Smovey brings a vibration back into the

body which vitalizes the body and so makes you feel better.

The vibration is created through 4 steel balls that are built into the rings generating a

frequency of 60 Hertz which most living beings find agreeable.

                                  New since September 2016: Power smovey Rings:




Smovey is produced in Austria, in a sheltered workshop and was developed by

J. Salzwimmer when he was diagnosed with morbus parkinson in the late 1990s.


smovey can be used in many different ways, from a light massage to a high level fitness

workout. The hand meridians are also massaged through the gentle vibration.

Interest and research in this innovative product is growing and spreading more and more.

At the moment studies are still being carried out in the area of neurology

(parkinsons, multiple sclerosis), with the elderly (improve balance and for general health).

There are many ideas and possibilities how smovey can be used, whether for professional 

sportsmen/women, children in school, for a relaxing massage or just for fun!

                                      You can order from


f you are interested in a set of smovey rings, or other available products

                                                    such as protein shake, polo shirts or a bag.

                                                     smovey is available in 5 variations:

                             classic (soft grip), solid (firm grip) or aqua (waterproof for aqua gym) 
                                            and new Powersmovey with 4 or 6 steel balls.                            

                            For a set of Classic smovey Rings (2 in a set) incl. DVD and broschure
                                                      the price is SFr. 120.-- (excl. postage)

For schools and institutions wanting to make smoveys available for use, a smoveyBoxx (with 10 or 20 training rings) is available at a special price. 


More information is also available under

Excerpt from the smoveyTRAINING DVD: