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Lavylites™ - Informational-Consciousness Cosmetics
(also known as 'The Hungarian Miracle')

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Sack Llites

This cosmetic spray is like having my own 'army Knife' for my cells.                                                                                              


Because it's a great resource to have with you in many situations.  
Once you have experienced how it helps and supports your cells, you won't want to miss having this product in your life.

Many people have reported A-HA effects as positive side effects after using these products - that is also how I got to hear of these products.

How would you go about if you knew a great product exists, but only doctors and therapists are officially allowed to declare the effects of the products?
Wouldn't you want your family and friends to know that such a product exists? And that you can also
be paid by the company for referring others to buy the product.

Do you believe that you are informed about good products only through commercials and the media?

My goal here is to inform you that these Lavylites™ quantum cosmetic products exist and trust you will pass this message on.

Das Wunder aus Ungarn

I could write sooo much about these products as they are so unexplainably amazing,
but what really counts are the results that  

                                             YOU see and experience YOURSELF.

you                                                                                                                       image: 
You can only then judge what is true and whether these quantum products are for you.
As each person is individual, not everyone will have the same experience. So my suggestion to you is 
to order  and test these 100% natural products for yourself and let yourself be suprised. 

Of course these products are not for everyone - if you don't like lavender, then the sprays won't be for you (have a lavender scent).

For those of you who want to read more, and because I like transparency myself here is some additional information: 

Masaru Emoto - The Message of Water
If you know the work of the late Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto, then you know that water carries information.
Lavylites™ has made use of this research and also uses what we know from quantum physics to create these unique products with new technology. The products are infused with
 information from various products known to the natural healing arts (phytotherapy, precious stones etc.) and can help the cells in the body to regenerate.

People that have used the products are very enthusiastic about what they have experienced with these natural products. However, as each person is unique, this means that each person has a different experience when they use these products. This is why the only way to know if these products are for you, is to buy them and see what effect they have on you.

These 100% natural, high quality, EU-certified cosmetic products work quickly through the skin on a cell level.
They are also suitable for use on children, animals and plants.

Telomere research by Dr Elizabeth Blackburn, Nobel prize winner
has also played a role in developing these products. Telomeres are the DNA caps on the end of the chromosomes responsible for protecting the chromosomes. If the Telomeres are too short then the cells cannot work properly which suggests that the body is more likely to show signs of degeneration.
As Lavylites™ help the cells to regenerate - maybe they also influence the Telomeres to grow?  

I invite you to get to know these products by registering and ordering through the official Lavylites™ Website.
Please DO NOT order through Amazon or Ebay if you see it offered as the quality can't be guaranteed and you can buy at a better price directly from the official website anyway.

Deliveries are only to certain countries at the moment (shown in the choice menu when you register).
Since April 2019 all EU-countries are now served. 
USA, Canada and Asia are not yet officially served.

You can order without any obligation (registration is free of charge):
- Whenever you like as a customer (no fees) or
- Become an active partner and place a regular monthly order for 80PV (Autoship/Autoactiver).

The products are a EU-certified cosmetic line. What makes them unique is that all the products contain 100% natural ingredients carrying a vibration and an energy-matrix extracted from over 240 known natural products such as logo ich sprühe vor Begeisterungherbs, precious metals, gemstones, organic salts. The energetic information, which has a synergy effect of 3000 variations, can reach the cell level through the skin. Profound results are seen when the cells have access to the energy information they need for regeneration and other processes in the body.

The products are invented and created by Tibor Jakabovics, a Hungarian medicinal scientist and researcher, who also has many patents. Tibor Jakabovics managed to find the frequency through which information (communication) between man and nature is possible.

Frequencies go through the body, whether positive or destructive, it depends on what the frequencies transmit. The company started business in 2013 and is continuing to expand rapidly.

The products are also safe to use on children, pets and plants.

Did you know that cosmetic products undergo stringent testing and are NOT allowed to have ANY side effects? 

                            Do you know that cells need energy to function properly?
                  Can you imagine the potential for cells that receive extra energy?

For me these products are like an 'energy-internet-databank' so the cells can regenerate better.

In case you're not familiar with the idea of energy, think of the radio that receives radio waves which you can't see. Does this mean that the waves are not there? Don't we 'see' the results when we listen to the radio?


These products are only available directly from the producer through registered members and independent partners.
Please do not order through Amazon or Ebay as the quality cannot be guaranteed and they usually cost more.

Deliveries are only to certain countries. If you live or have an address in a country where delivery is available, you can register free of charge with the link below. You will receive an email with your own Login ID Number and password and can then order in the webshop yourself at wholesale prices

                               HERE is the link for free registration
                               I am an independent partner of Lavylites™.


Orders can only be sent directly to the countries listed for selection when registering:
For example: Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Italy, Russian Federation, United Kingdom, Netherlands (all EU-countries), Switzerland, Spain and Dubai.

Other countries are being added as time goes on.

Interested in building up a passive income - or a business?

+ If not skip this section and scroll down to 'more information'.

Would you recommend something good to your friends?
If so, why not consider building up a passive income with these all natural products?

Please check the marketing plan BEFORE ordering if you are interested in building up a business.
How you place your FIRST order influences your income position later on.
The recommendation is to order a business pack for 400 PV as no upgrade is possible later on.
The Business Pack gives you the opportunity to have a good selection of the products at an advantageous price.

This company only just started distributing directly in 2013 and is expanding rapidly - from Europe (Hungary) out to the rest of the world!

Why not grab your chance now? Especially as other countries are still to come. 
Are you good at networking? These products speak for themselves!
Why don't you try out the products yourself and see what you think?

I invite you to contact me if you have any more questions or need assistance in getting the products.

There are three ways of activating your account:

Pre-requiste: Register (free of charge) so you have an account. Deliveries only against advance payment (bank transfer or Paypal/credit card) plus postage EUR 8.-- (e.g. HU-DE) per package (EUR 19.39 to CH). Paypal has 5% additional surcharge on the total amount.

1. As a customer (no fees) - login to your account, go to Webshop, and buy any product. You buy Lavylites™ products with 25% wholesale discount, you secure your place in distribution network. You aren't entitled to any bonuses. No obligation to buy regularly. No Provision (provision credited only with orders made via 'Autoaktiver'(autoship).

2. As a member - login to your account, go to Webshop, and buy any products for min. 80PV. You buy products with 25% wholesale discount, You secure 1 business position in distribution network, you earn bonuses when you buy via 'autoaktiver' for the amount over 80PV per month, you can't upgrade from a member to a Business Partner account.

3. As a Business Partner - login to your account, go to Webshop, and buy a Business Pack for min. 400PV (400 Euro netto). You buy products with 25% wholesale discount, you secure 3 (!!!) business positions in the distribution network (after reaching the qualifying amount), you earn bonuses. 
You also need to recruit 2 business partners to benefit and qualify for higher payments.
Qualification for weekly bonuses when you buy products for 80PV each month (up to position Leader) ordering via 'autoaktiver'. 

To qualify for provision and bonuses it is best to place your order as 'Autoaktiver' (monthly autoship) and pay with coupons.

'Start options' video from Lavylights Academy click here.                        



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Here videos and tools from the (independent from the Lavylites Company) for those interested in doing business and making it duplicable. 

You can truly only know when you experience the products yourself - so why wait?
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Here are some water crystal pictures after adding different products to the water:


                                  Destilled (empty) water         After adding                    After adding                After adding mouth spray 3.I
                                                                          spray without alcohol       spray with alcohol


Please help spread the word and inform your friends if you think they would benefit from knowing about these products.  

For me this is about spreading information and helping people -
What if 
YOU can make a difference in somebody's life by informing them about these products?  

Why not check out these products and form your own opinion?
You are invited to register (free) and order now using the link below:


Lavylites™ quantum cosmetic products:
- made from 100% natural, high quality ingredients
- work fast - directly through the skin at cell level
- are suitable for children, animals and plants
- can help to improve the quality of life
- can also help you build up a passive income
- have pleasant 'a-ha' effects for most users

Presentation: courtesy of Lavylites products india from krishna pal
roduct overview information starts on page 23.