How do you know if you are Being and living the optimal expression of your life?
How do you know if you are in alignment with what you came here to be?
Do you believe/know/think that everything is energy (frequencies)?
Would it help to know your energy blueprint at the time you were born?
If you would like an answer to these questions, then Human Design will probably interest you.

Human Design has helped me:
- Understand and accept how my energy is configured and how I interact with others.
- Accept myself with my unique energy configuration.
  (Just because others can, does NOT mean I can too!)

- Understand and accept others as they are and see how they are expressing their energy.
- Understand that there are various ways to express the same energy
  (love and hate are on the same energy scale, they are just the high or low expression).

- Help me become more aware what energies I bring to the table and how I can use them.

There is so much depth and richness in Human Design. I would like anyone interested to have access to this information so they can decide for themselves whether this information resonates with them or not.  
Please pass the message on to your friends or anyone you think may benefit from this information. Thanks!


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I discovered Human Design by listening to an interview with Karen Curry Parker (USA)( have been fascinated by it ever since. I would love more people to know about this system which helps us to recognise our unique energetic design. It's like being able to know what energetic suit we came with and are wearing in this life.

I've found the information on the internet and from my free chart reading really helpful, so I'm putting the links I've found helpful here, so you can find out more about yourself too. 

Human Design has helped me become more aware of my own uniqueness and energy patterns which I was never aware of before. Just as an apple pip has the whole blueprint of the apple tree within it, we humans are also born with an energetic blueprint, which most of us don't live out, due to unawareness, conditioning, environment, comparing with others... This system helps us discover ourselves and gain more understanding about the people we interact with. It's about understanding and appreciating people's uniqueness and not about judging and categorising others.

Here an introductory video about Human Design (torch analogy)

Here you can get your free chart

Here you can read about the different types

Here is the link to the 'Gracepoint Matrix' website page by Karen Curry Parker and Michelle Vandepas which has more information and events about Human Design or help with being/becoming an author.

Here is the link to the 'Abundance by Design' Teleseminar


As per my understanding knowing your energetic type can be helpful. In my case I could accept myself more easily, instead of thinking there was something not quite right when I compared myself to others. I can give myself permission to be myself. Reading about my type (projector) helped to put a few pieces of the puzzle in place.

You can find more information on the web and get a reading from a qualified analyst if you need one.

Here are the main points I found helpful when getting to know the types:

There are 5 types: Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting-Generator, Projector and Reflector.

The Manifestor is the one that initiates things and has the ideas in their heads. They represent about 8% of the population. They're often in a creative flow and so don't like to be interrupted (otherwise they lose that creative flow) - and so might appear angry when interrupted or not want to have anyone helping them (know what they want to do and talking interrupts their creative flow). So it's nothing personal. Just how they're 'wired' energetically.
What they need to do to help the others around them, is to remember to inform those around what they have in mind. Their energetic field (aura) tends to attract people to them. So they are like the on-off switch on the torch.

The Generator is like the torch battery. They have a lot of energy to run and love to respond to what life brings. When they love their work, they have lots of energy. If they are not where they want to be they sometimes get frustrated. In their chart they are the only type that has the sacral centre (2nd square from the bottom) coloured in (all other types have this centre open (not filled in), except the manifesting-generator who is a combination of these two types. Important for a generator is to answer yes/no questions using gutteral sound ah-huh, or uh-uh (then they are connected to their truth). Their energetic field (aura) also pulls people towards them. (Generators get things done and represent about 70% of the population (the workers of the world). They do well when they go to bed exhausted and get up full of energy after a good night's sleep.

The Manifestor-Generator is a combination of the above two. However the tendency is more Generator style. They should remember to inform and respond. The gutteral sounds apply to them too. These types do not really need to have others. They can do it all themselves. It's nothing personal if they don't want your help!

The Projector is like the shining light of the torch. Here to guide and show their right group the way if they are asked. They represent about 22% of the population). They have to wait to be recognised and be invited to be really successful in the big things in life. So often, as they go mostly unrecognised, bitterness may be an issue. A lot happens through the energetic field of the aura which tends to be outward flowing, so their presence can be quite strong and effective. Projectors need to talk things through to get clarity and don't just answer yes or no. So they need someone to listen to them.

The Reflector has all centres open (not filled in) and gets to feel everything that's going on around them, which can be quite exhausting. They represent about 1% of the population and do actually reflect what's going on in their environment. So if they're in a bad mood, something is going on in the bigger picture or with their working environment. The reflection of others can constantly change their perception. So it is important for them to choose which people they hang out with. Ideally they need to wait a full cycle of the moon (29 days) before reaching a major decision. Disappointment is often prevalent. So they are not just indecisive or unstable! It is really how they are designed!

If this resonates with you, please spread the word, so that we all really get the chance to become more aware of ourselves and others and learn to value the uniqueness of each human being!